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Does your ring not fit anymore or is the diamond loose in its setting?  Are you missing gemstones or is the chain broken?  Or is it just tarnished?  We offer a variety of services to ensure that your piece of jewelry is exactly how you want it.

Working alongside Guenter Beholz is our resident jeweler, Reeny Sovel, who is accredited from the Gemological Institute of America and attended the Drouhard National Jewelers’ School can repair, restore and design jewelry.

  • Rhodium Plating – Come in and have your yellow gold jewelry rhodium plated for a new and updated look.
  • Ring Sizing – We can determine your proper ring size and professionally size the gold, silver or platinum ring to fit you perfectly.
  • Mounting and Prong Retipping – Proper maintenance can prevent you from losing or damaging your precious stones.  We can inspect your jewelry mountings and prongs for wear and damage while you watch us work.
  • Stone Replacement – In the event you are missing gemstones from your jewelry, we can replace the stones in any setting (including solitaires, three-stone rings, channel settings, bezel settings or pavé).
  • Chain Soldering & Bracelet Repair – We can inspect and repair broken chains, pendants and charms as well as replace worn out clasps and closures.
  • Engraving – We can engrave almost anything.
  • Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing – We can clean, polish and restore your jewelry to look like new.  We will also recommend proper care techniques and cleaning products for your specific jewelry.


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