photo (35)Did your watch stop working or is it damaged and causing you problems?  Is it unsightly and it’s getting to the point that you are embarrassed to wear it?  Or do you simply want to personalize it?  We can fully service your watch and get it back to tip-top condition.

We repair and restore all mechanical watches, including Patek, Rolex, Omega, Eterna Hamilton, Antique Pocket Watches, etc.

  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Watch Band Replacement – A watchband serves the function of keeping the watch on your wrist, but it can also display your personal style.  Regardless of the reason, we can provide you with a replacement watch band which complements your watch and your style.
  • Watch Crystal Replacement – The crystal of a watch is the gateway between you and the watch’s face.  Unsightly scratches on the crystal can keep you from wearing it or even cause you problems when trying to read the time.  We can buff out scratches on the crystal or replace them if necessary.
  • Mechanical Overhauls – Even the best designed watches have mechanical failures that require maintenance and repair.  Whether it’s stem & crown repair, bezel repair & restoration, or a full mechanical overhaul, we can perform all the necessary services to get your time piece working at its very best.
  • Engraving – Watches are very personal items, but engraving ensures that it’s incredibly personal and unique.  We cab engrave your choice of message in a variety of custom engraving styles on wrist watches, pocket watches, and pendants.
  • Watch Cleaning and Inspection – Keeping a watch clean and performing periodic inspections ensures that you will get the longest life out of the timepiece as possible.  We perform all the necessary services on site so that you receive the quality that you expect and deserve.

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